Costume Design Projects
A little imagination goes a long way...

Take a look at some my past costume and design projects. All of these were either  items sold or personal projects for me or my immediate family. C’mon in, take a look around. 

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This is just a representative sampling of my projects.

Renaissance Shift and Overdress

Linen Shift, Cotton Brocade Overdress

Adult Ren Dress

Linen Shift with Red Overdress

Linen shift with Red Silk and Cotton Overdress

Medieval Knight

Black and green tunic with rampant lion appliqué, Black cotton pants

Pinkie Pie Costume

Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie

Pink satin skirt, White Satin top, Sequined Bolero

Anna Costume

Anna Costume

Anna costume with appliquéd floral decoration

Pebbles costume


Fleece tunic top and fleece knickers

Cupcake Showgirl Sketch

Showgirl Cupcake Theme

Sketch of showgirl cupcake theme.

Stargate Atlantis Pinup

Stargate Atlantis Pinup Sketch

Sketch for a cosplay based on Stargate Atlantis

Genie Costume

Genie costume for ballet production of Aladdin.

Heart Applique Diaper cover

Heart Applique Diaper Cover

Elastic waist and leg bands with red heart appliqué on the back.