Frequently Asked Questions​

Everything you need to know about TFAC.

Princess Dress for Baby Dolls

How to Order a Variation on Existing Products

Please send me an email using the Contact form with the name of the products, which doll or person the product is for, the colors you wish to see. If the item is for a child I will then send you a measurement form to fill out and return.

Info for Custom Costumes

Please keep in mind I need at least 4 months notice for custom costumes, no exceptions. In other words, start thinking about Halloween in May/June. August through October are my busiest months personally and professionally - I reserve the right to say 'no' or suggest a later date.

What I Need

* Age of Child
* Measurements
* Color preferences
* Fabric type preferences (I can guide you)
* 50% deposit
* Shipping preference

FF Elsa Green Dress
Toddler Renaissance Dress

Why Do I Make on Demand?


Fabric Selection and Cost

Pattern and fabric selection will be presented upon you providing me detailed information about what you are looking for for your child. Once we've discussed specifics I'll present an estimate and require 50% deposit to start work which will include a measurement form. In order to start cutting and sewing, you MUST return the measurement form by the date I provide. The balance will be required to be paid + shipping costs before shipping the completed costume. I use a variety of shipping companies. We can arrange that at the time of the estimate.
Note: You must specify accessories you want in your email to get an accurate estimate. For example, hat, bracelet, boot covers, etc.


Customer Preferences

I have found that customers that buy my type of handmade products have a different expectation than a Big Box store consumer. They want something unique and different. I try to address this by offering variations and also the ability to customize to suit your tastes.


Why are your prices higher than x store?

All of the items are handmade by me. I have no employees, no factory. I am a trained fashion designer and costume designer. What I do is both an art and a skill and I charge accordingly. Quality long-lasting items cost more since they are more time intensive to produce. I also don't buy fabrics that are flimsy or cheap. I endeavor to buy fabrics that are natural and will last.


Why do I need to order custom costumes 4-6 months in advance?

Pattern, fabric and trim selections take time. Design doesn't just happen, it evolves. I also find that people don't get back to me in a timely manner in most cases delaying the construction of the costume. I also have a family to manage, two children to homeschool and autoimmune arthritis that sometimes gets in my way. I do treat commissions as a contract and will deliver your item on time as long as you deliver on the dates I give you.


Why don't you take refunds on custom costumes?

The item was made specific to your child's measurements. I don't go off a standard ready to wear size chart. I would not be able to resell the item and recoup my costs.

Glamourous Witch Costume

Let your creativity flow...

Inara chose all of the fabric and trims for her Glamourous Witch costume. She even told me which fabrics and trims went where. Getting your child involved in the decision making process for their costume can be as fun for you as for them. It also breeds creativity and an interest in design.