Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and New Items

Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile! I’m so excited to get back into my sewing studio after a long time away. I’ve been busy making Christmas gifts and sewing up outfits for my daughter’s dolls, and mastering my embroidery machine. My studio is my happy place and I’ve been in here about 10 hours a day since early October. The first order of business was my daughter’s Belle costume. I got it to a point where it was done enough for Halloween but I still have hours of gold leafing to do the skirts. No photos yet!! I’ll do that in a later post after the holidays when I get back to it. 


Christmas ornaments are always a great gift to give and I’m making a lot of them this year. Mostly embroidered on the machine. Some require a bit of post work like a dab of glue or a satin ribbon hanger but some require hand sewing together. No matter, because I love hand sewing. Here’s a few of my latest creations. Some are gifts and aren’t going in the shop though. 

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